MongoDB Tools – Accelerate your MongoDB Projects

Customers use JSON Studio to accelerate their MongoDB projects and save time and money. JSON Studio is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of tools for MongoDB and has received the 2014 MongoDB innovation award in the tooling category from the MongoDB company.


JSON Studio is a comprehensive suite of tools that was purpose-built for MongoDB. It includes 10 tools that cover all the project’s life cycle – from development, through QA, to production-support and BI for MongoDB. Best of all – all the tools come together in a single low cost package and any future tools released within JSON Studio are available at no additional cost within this subscription.

The tools currently included within JSON Studio are:


  • Data explorer for viewing and querying MongoDB JSON documents.
  • Analytics/aggregation query builder.
  • Excel bridge for MongoDB.
  • ETL/ELT tooling for bringing data from an RDBMS to MongoDB and keeping them in-sync.
  • Differs for comparing data between collections and between collections and RDBMS tables.
  • Profiler.
  • JSON validator.
  • Resource manager for preventing runaway queries and alerting or enforcing run-time quotas.
  • Schema analyzer and viewer showing the implicit schema of collections.
  • Visualizer for viewing charts/graphs and mapper for viewing geo-spatial data.
  • API builder for creating a middleware layer through which programs can have access to data stored in MongoDB without direct access and using published queries and aggregation pipelines (APIs calls require the Gateway).
  • BI for MongoDB (requires the Gateway).