MongoDB GUI – Data Access, Discovery and Exploration


Customers save time and money using the industry’s best MongoDB visual explorers. JSON Studio gives teams using MongoDB a set of GUI tools that allow them to explore your JSON data, gain visibility and discover both documents and schemas. Moreover, the tools can be used by developers and QA engineers as well as by analysts.

  • View MongoDB data as JSON, in tables, on maps, and more.
  • Build queries using a visual point-and-click metaphor and avoid dealing with curly brackets.
  • Transfer JSON data to Excel, work in Excel, and then sync the data back to MongoDB.
  • View and analyze collection schemas.

Access your collections and view documents using a JSON viewer or a tabular display – all one one screen. Build queries manually or using a visual point-and-click approach without having to count curly brackets. Save your queries and even publish them for others to use. View result sets immediately and save them into new collections, even in another database. Produce reports or charts  from result sets on the fly or save them for other users – all on one screen and with no wasted time. View and query geospatial data using Google maps.

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Click to see how easy it is to visualize geospatial data stored in MongoDB.



MongoDB collections have no schema – right? Or do they? Of course they do — it’s just not a fixed schema managed by the database. But you still need to be able to see what structures your documents have, make sure no bad data / types get inside, and be able to report on the implicit schema your collections have. JSON Studio’s schema analyzer and viewer makes this easy. You can sample documents or read the entire collection and create the schema. You can then use the viewer to explore the schema, see what types each field has and in what frequency, look at typed data, compare the schema to historical schemas of the collection, and more.


Excel is the de-facto standard in which many users like to work with their data. Analysts, data scientists, business users and even QA engineers and developers want to get the data into Excel where they can use the data, view the data and perform manipulations on the data. JSON Studio’s Excel bridge makes this easy for MongoDB.

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