MongoDB / JSON Analytics and Visualization

Customers use JSON Studio to build and run MongoDB aggregation pipelines using a visual point-and-click tools saving hours of wasted effort per pipeline dealing with curly brackets and syntax errors . On average even a skilled developer or analyst using the aggregation framework will save 2-3 days per month by using JSON Studio’s analytics builder and the savings are even greater for beginners. Visualize results as JSON, as tabular reports or as d3 charts all from the same tool and publish results that can be used by business users.

JSON Studio is the first analytics platform purpose-built for flexible JSON data and provides analytical access to MongoDB data also for QA engineers and analysts. It is a unique set of tools that makes reporting, charting and complex queries easy with MongoDB without sacrificing flexibility and without making MongoDB “look like an RDBMS”.

Some of the unique advantages of JSON Studio:

  • Native JSON handling – no mapping to dimensions and measures means very short up-and-running times and no changes when the structure of the data changes. Contrary to previous-generation BI tools, JSON Studio was built from the ground up for JSON and MongoDB and is not based on a connector that tries to map JSON data into columns.
  • Visual construction of aggregation framework pipelines means increased productivity and is even a great way to learn aggregation for beginning users.
  • Rich d3 visualization and exploratory analytics gives power users the perfect platform to explore, understand and work with data.
  • Low cost and trivial setup.

Supported features:

  • Build aggregation pipelines, save them, import them and export them.
  • Run the pipelines on any collection and see the results immediately.
  • Support all types including group, match, sort, unwind, including new types introduced in 2.6 such as out and redact.
  • View interim results or use an interim collection.
  • Support for subqueries in match stages.
  • Full visualization framework gives you access to interactive charts for aggregation results.
  • Expose any analytic pipeline, report or graph as a parameterized Web service (requires the Gateway component).

Click to see how easy it is to build pipelines and visualize data.

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