Accelerate your MongoDB deployment with the best tools for MongoDB

JSON Studio is a suite of tools for MongoDB. It includes both GUI tools for allowing all users to access data in MongoDB as well as utilities that save time and help you succeed with MongoDB in development, test and production environments.

Searches and ad-hoc queries: JSON Studio gives you various methods to search through your data and do ad-hoc queries. These involve visual point-and-click as well as faceted search rather than programming JSON documents for matches and projections.

Excel Bridge: Use Excel to work with your MongoDB data.

Pipeline Analytics: JSON Studio gives you a sandbox in which you can do both exploratory analytics and build analytic pipelines.

Gateway: Build your queries and pipelines with parameters using the Studio, then open them up as Web services for users and applications to invoke.

Visualization: JSON Studio is the industry’s first visualization platform for MongoDB data providing both simple charts such as lines, bars and pies as well as advanced charts such as histograms, treemaps, chord diagrams, scatter plots, and parallel plots.

QA Tools: Search, query, aggregate and employ differs as part of all your testing phases.

Profiling: JSON Studio extends MongoDB’s built-in profiling with the ability to collect profiling data over long periods, the ability to centralize profiling data from many databases into one store, and the ability to analyze, aggregate and graph profiling data.

Industry’s first Resource Manager for MongoDB: Define quotas per client, collection and operation to avoid runaway queries and ensure that long-running or frequent queries from unapproved sources do not impact the database. Resource management is also available as a stand-alone utility.