BI for MongoDB

Customers use JSON Studio, along with the Sonar Gateway as a simple-to-use, powerful and affordable Business Intelligence (BI) platform for MongoDB.

Power users build queries, pipelines, reports and graphs within JSON Studio and publish them to the Sonar Gateway (the BI server). JSON Studio makes building these queries simple using a visual point-and-click metaphor that avoids complex code. Since JSON Studio is a native JSON/MongoDB application, everything is simple and take little time. Publishing queries, reports, graphs and CSV/Excel extracts take a click-of-a-button and is immediately available for all users. Even building dashboards that access this data is simple.

Advantages of using JSON Studio and the Sonar Gateway over legacy BI tools:

  • Full native support for MongoDB and JSON.
  • Setup is trivial – be up-and-running and building queries within minutes and with no need for mappings, setup and long learning curves.
  • Low cost – typically 1/10 of the cost or less as compared with other BI tools.
  • Developer-friendly tools and full transparency and control – no bloat and no thousands of features to learn when only 5% of the features are needed.
  • Reports, charts and dashboards.
  • Web APIs allowing access to report data from programs, scripts and applications

Click to see how easy it is to use the Gateway even for data-level APIs.

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