JSON Studio makes QA engineers more productive. It let’s you query and search for data in MongoDB without having to use JSON syntax. No more chasing for missing parentheses and trying to figure out why the query is not showing what you expect and not knowing if it the result of a bug in the system or you making a mistake in the query. It also let’s you save and share queries as well as use Web services for any saved query. You can even get the data into Excel and do some of your work from there. And finally, it gives you powerful diffing tools with which you can compare collection data without manually looking for the needle in the haystack.


  • Quickly query and search for data without needing to learn MongoDB syntax; see and edit generated queries and JSON syntax.
  • Save and use saved queries; share queries among teams.
  • Compare collections within a database or across databases and get detailed delta information.
  • Compare MongoDB collection data to RDBMS table data.
  • View the current schema for each collection by automated sampling of documents in collection.
  • Import/export any data into Excel allowing you to work with JSON data from Excel including updating data back to mongo.
  • Build and use Web services that have parameterized packaged queries.
  • Support for both simple queries and complex queries built using the aggregation framework.
  • View detailed profiling information across databases.
  • Produce graphs and visualize data in MongoDB.


See for example how to use the Sonar Differ when needing to compare data brought in from an RDBMS into MongoDB.