Developers and DBAs

If you’e a developer or a DBA chances are that you’re already using the shell and are familiar with JSON Syntax. JSON Studio makes you more productive by giving you access to GUI and non-GUI tooling. It lets you run simple and complex aggregation queries through an easy-to-use UI. It lets you build queries quickly and shows you the code to take to your application or scripts.

Plus, use the Gateway to publish queries as Web services for other users or applications and users to use. Create applications and dashboard without writing a single line of code. The tutorials in the documentation show you how.


  • Profile MongoDB databases for long periods, view profiling data and perform profiling analytics
  • See what’s running in the database for any significant time frames, define quotas for preventing run-away queries and commands and ensure safety through resource management
  • Compare collections within a database or across databases and get detailed delta information
  • View the current schema for each collection by automated sampling of documents in collection
  • Import/export any data into Excel allowing you to work with JSON data from Excel including updating data back to mongo
  • Build, save and use saved queries; share queries among teams.
  • Build and use Web services that have parameterized packaged queries.
  • Build dashboards and applications that use data in MongoDB without writing a single line of code by calling APIs to get data and/or graphs, chain calls, and more.


See the Demos section for more information.