Data Architects

As a data architect you need to have continuous access to the data in MongoDB. JSON Studio let’s you see both the data and the schema easily and efficiently. Using the schema sampler and schema viewer you can always see the schema of your collections and know what fields have been added, what types are being used and more. You can get samples of the data and run type queries as well as compare data with historic values. Plus, you have full acecss to both simple queries and aggregation queries all through an easy-to-use UI.


  • View the current schema for each collection by automated sampling of documents in collection.
  • Quickly query and search for data without needing to learn MongoDB syntax; see and edit generated queries and JSON syntax.
  • Compare collections within a database or across databases and get detailed delta information.
  • Compare collection data with RDBMS table data.
  • Import/export any data into Excel allowing you to work with JSON data from Excel including updating data back to mongo.
  • View detailed profiling information across databases.
  • Produce graphs and visualize data in MongoDB.


See for example how to use the Sonar Differ when needing to compare data brought in from an RDBMS into MongoDB.