Analysts & Data Scientists

Now that your data is stored in MongoDB you need an easy way to use it for analytics, searches, reporting and graphs. JSON Studio lets you access data stored in MongoDB using simple-to-use but highly-functional UIs. It lets you do searches and ad-hoc queries without learning complex JSON Syntax. It lets you run sophisticated analytics without learning the aggregation framework. It let’s you keep using Excel as your main tool without requiring others to export data for you. And it lets you run reports and visualize data – all with no data mappings, no complex steps and all within one tool – giving you the benefits of a BI tool without the complexity of existing BI tools which were designed for relational systems.


  • Quickly query and search for data without needing to learn MongoDB syntax; see and edit generated queries and JSON syntax
  • Import/export any data into Excel allowing you to work with JSON data from Excel including updating data back to mongo
  • Support for both simple queries and complex queries built using the aggregation framework
  • Facet search
  • Save and use saved queries; share queries among teams.
  • Build and use Web services that have parameterized packaged queries
  • View data MongoDB as JSON, in tables, as charts and on maps — all with a simple UI
  • Advanced visualization of data using bars, lines, pie, scatter plots, treemaps, parallel plots, chord diagrams, and more
  • Exploratory analytics and exploratory visualization for mongo


See the Demos section for more information.